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The Ultimate Londoner. Who will you vote for?

A 51-year-old pub landlord from Hammersmith, a DJ from Lambeth, a prize-winning novelist influenced by Charles Dickens and Iain Sinclair, a young British intelligence officer. Just four of the ten contenders in 2018’s truly fabulous ‘Ultimate Londoner’ competition. With a £5 million prize-pot and an awards ceremony on the top floor of The Gherkin, it’s the last word in up-to-the-minute kudos.


Or perhaps not.


To begin with, no one has the faintest idea where it came from. Or how it garnered so much publicity. And not even the ‘candidates’ themselves know how they were selected. For John Mordred, the intelligence officer, its unsolicited exposure is profoundly unwelcome.


So far, so irritating. And inconvenient.


But then the candidates start dying.


As Mordred investigates, the truth slowly emerges. And it’s stranger and more shocking than anyone could possibly have imagined.

To download The Ultimate Londoner for Kindle or Kindle app, click on the MOBI button. This file is compatible with most other devices.

To download The Ultimate Londoner for Nook, Kobo or Apple, click on the EPUB button. This file is compatible with most devices.

To download The Ultimate Londoner for just about any other reading device, click on the PDF button.


Please review between August 15th and September 6th 2018 if possible. Thank you again!

In each case, clicking the button should lead you to a shared Onedrive file. If you have a reading device like a Kindle or a Kobo or a Nook, you can use your re-charging lead to download. Plug the little end into the device (as you would to re-charge it), and plug the big end into a USB port of the side of your PC/ laptop. Then click on the file. An 'Open/ Save/ Save As' bar should appear. Select 'Save As' and then your device (it often appears as a "D:" or "F:"). Save in "documents".
If you are using an Apple device, click the download button above, then select “open inKindle” or “open in iBooks”.
For iPad and iPhone, you may have to click the button twice.

If you’re using a different device, you may need to use a computer to download the file, then transfer to your reading app. Further instructions can be found here:

For the Kindle app:
For the Nook app:
For Kobo:
If you have any questions, please shoot an e-mail to

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