Tales of MI7: a look to the future

No one knows what the future holds for MI7, not even the author. The world is in an unusually pronounced state of flux right now, and nothing can surprise most people any more. However, that isn't to say that isn't - or wasn't - a plan... 

James Ward says, "When I first started to write Tales of MI7, I quickly realised it would turn into a series of some kind. My initial aim was to keep writing until 2020. Since the first book was penned in 2010, written sensitively enough, it would mirror the events of a decade and be one person's contemporaneous account of that decade. At that time, I thought I would write one novel per year. However, in 2017, I am up to book eleven - I think partly because I don't want to miss too much out. I've tried to include the great issues of our age, but also how we view ourselves, what our hopes and apprehensions are. I can't stop writing now, obviously: not with just three years to go. 2018 or 2019 may be utterly, utterly different to what's come before, and I'll realise I'll have left something out.

"The question is - and I don't know myself - will the series still end in 2020? I strive for quality in my writing, and I don't want to churn 80,000 words out knowing they don't add up to much. Sometimes, it's best to call it a day while you're still broadly on top. Even then, I don't know. Will John Mordred get killed? That's quite often the best way of bringing a series to an close (although not fail-safe: think of Sherlock Holmes and James Bond). 

"On the other hand, I've grown used to having MI7 around. I quite like its company. So who knows? Only time will tell."