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Meet the translators!

Companies such as Fiberead and Babelcube are revolutionising the art and the potential of translation, connecting authors and book-lovers across the globe in a way, and on a scale, never seen before. 

All eleven Tales of MI7 books are being rendered into Chinese by an incredibly talented team of multi-linguists, and one has already been published. Babelcube's translators are equally hard-working and no less accomplished. Encounter With ISIS is already available in Spanish. Other books are now appearing in Portuguese and French. This page features a selection of Tales of MI7 translators. Click on their portraits to discover more!

If you're a Tales of MI7 translator, and you'd like to appear on this page, or you'd simply like to alter your details in some way, just let the author know via Fiberead or Babelcube. There's always room for one more!

TKC Spanish Cover.jpg
The New Europeans French cover.jpg
LWIL Spanish cover.jpg
La Nostra Donna in Giamaica Cover.jpg
Fiberead VSG cover.jpg
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